Financial Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you set up to be

Financially Secure For The Rest Of Your Life?

You love what you do and making a big difference in other people’s lives, so the traditional idea of “retirement” doesn’t quite resonate.

But quietly humming in the background, there’s this constant low grade anxiety about what will happen if you don’t want to keep working so hard… or can’t keep working so hard.

What would happen? You can’t imagine having to give up organic food or massages. You worry about having to move in with your thirty-year-old son.

You rock your business but don’t have that same confidence when it comes to investing. You’ve read that Tony Robbins book that promised to teach you everything you’d ever need to know… only to feel even more frustrated and confused.

You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money so you keep a bunch of it in cash.

You want to finally understand investing so that you know your financial future is secure, even if you stop working.

That's where we come in.

Imagine If...

Your money was working so hard FOR you that your investments generated enough income to cover all of your expenses.

How would it feel to grow your business from a place of passion and a desire to make a difference - without financial pressure?

We’re here to inspire and support women entrepreneurs to live life on your own terms and to make choices from a place of freedom and joy, instead of debt, obligation, and fear.

Why Women Entrepreneurs?

The vast majority of financial products and services out there are designed by men for other men who are working as employees.

As an entrepreneur, there’s no ceiling on your income, but your income typically goes up and down, making traditional financial advice super frustrating.

And as a woman, the typical Big Box financial advisor models weren’t designed for your longer life span or differences in your career path and financial goals… which means that you’ll end up with less money at retirement, but it has to last you longer.

Why work with us?

What makes this different from anything else out there is our approach that combines an understanding of human behavior and brain science as it relates to money with powerfully simple ways to grow your money quickly, without taking time away from your business.

We’re not financial planners and we don’t sell you any financial products so you’ll receive straightforward and unbiased financial education, coaching and guidance.

We break down the complicated world of investing and make it easy to understand, take action, and get results.

We even make it fun.

Ready to Get Started?


Financial Freedom Formula Penelope Jane SMith

It’s free and will only take you about 5 minutes to read. But the insights you’ll get from that tiny investment of time and energy have the power to begin to change your life.

You’ll discover exactly what it will take for you personally to become financially free and how to get there faster. YEAH!

Vrinda Normand Penelope Jane Smith RPI

“Penelope is a master teacher.”

“Penelope is a master teacher. She makes the complicated topics of money and investing simple, fun, and easy to understand. She always provides high-quality content and delivers on her promises. If you’re fortunate enough to get the chance to attend one of Penelope’s events, drop everything you’re doing and GO! You will love it!”

Vrinda Normand

FINALLY! Inner breakthroughs and sizzling hot strategies to build

Lasting Wealth
& Freedom

As you know, getting extraordinary results in any area of your life means upleveling both your inner and outer game. That’s why I created Financial Freedom 101!

In just 3 days, you’ll leave with practical financial insights, tools and skills for how to get your money working FOR you to create ease, peace, and freedom around finances, starting right now.

Who knew managing your money and investing could be so easy and fun? You’ll be surprised at how happy and energized you feel after geeking out about money for three days!

Who is Penelope Jane Smith?

After losing my multi-million dollar real estate empire in the 2008 crash, I became more passionate than ever about providing other women entrepreneurs with the financial education they never received in school so they could avoid the painful mistakes I’d made.

Free download reveals the


Discover exactly what it’ll take for you personally to become financially free so you don’t have to depend on your business, a job, the government, a partner, or anyone else for money.

You’ll also learn:

  • The Two Types of Passive Income(and How to Get More of Each)
  • Why It’s Important to Create a Clear Financial Freedom Vision
  • The Common Misunderstanding About Passive Income that Leaves Even Savvy Investors with HUGE Money Leaks in Their Portfolios
  • 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom
  • Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now That Your Future Self Will Thank You for (She’ll Have an Abundance of Money and Choice in Her Life!)

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