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Get the Tools to Become Financially Free ForeveR.

Financial Freedom 101 is an experiential event that’s designed to support you in opening yourself more fully to the abundance that’s waiting for you by teaching you practical financial tools and skills for how to get your money working FOR you to create ease, peace, and freedom around finances.

Who knew managing your money and investing could be so much fun? You’ll be surprised at how happy and energized you feel after geeking out about money for three days!

“I’m leaving lit up, empowered, hopeful and in action.”

- Penelope Bell

“Highly recommend to everyone, even if you think you know about finance.”

- Liz Clark

“This event allowed me to think bigger while feeling safer.”

- Fabienne Slama

Here's What People Are Saying...

“This workshop gave me more clarity around money than I’ve ever had before.”

“I’ve always felt kind of murky about how to make and invest my money and found the entire topic intimidating and overwhelming. This workshop gave me more clarity around money than I’ve ever had before - it demystified spending, saving and investing offered money management systems that I’m excited to implement. Penelope is a compassionate and effective teacher and coach. I feel much more confident around managing money than I did a few days ago. Thank you! I even learned some ways to make passive income that I’d never considered before.”

Lindsay Tauscher


“The financial education was tremendous and helped me to see where I was falling thru the cracks.”

I found this event to be well worth the time and money it took to get here. The financial education was tremendous and helped me to see where I was falling thru the cracks – or just not working my relationship with money with the most love.  Money has always been a menace, but for now, I feel ready to embrace the relationship with unconditional love and acceptance.  Penelope is a genuine person, full of giving, sharing – and teaches that as a philosophy for all of us on this planet.

ZoyaMarie Jilbere


“It has been a transformational event for me.”

This workshop was amazing! There is a lot of information covered and so many takeaways from the event. It was an eye-opening event for me to start paying attention to my finances. The environment is very gentle… it feels safe to be open, honest, and share! Penelope leads the workshop in a professional and grounded manner. It has been a transformational event for me.

Hetal Patel

Hetal Patel

A Taste of What You'll Learn:

How to Design Your Business so that It Supports Your Desired Lifestyle and Serves as a Vehicle for Creating Wealth

The #1 Money Myth that Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves that Causes Them to Struggle Financially

How to Enjoy Spending Money Consciously without Guilt or Fear

Simple Strategies and Brain Hacks that Can Make Millions of Dollars of Difference Over Time

How to Model Cashflow Patterns of Wealthy People that Can Work for YOU, Starting Now

Surprising Ways You May Be Unintentionally Pushing Money Away… Without Even Realizing It

How to Leverage the Power of Your #1 Wealth Building Tool

Why It’s Important to Follow a Proven Investment Strategy

An Easy Process for How to Stop Stressing Out about Money so that You Can Focus on the Parts of Your Business and Life that You LOVE

The Secret to Getting Triple the Return on Investment of the Average Investor (without Taking Time Away from Your Business and Life)

More Testimonials

“I learned so much at this event...”

“I learned so much at this event about how to earn, grow, and invest my money. For the first time, the path to financial freedom doesn’t feel like a distant hope but instead like a tangible goal for the near future.”

Caleb Arring


“I feel as if I have a new life!”

“I don’t regularly attend workshops, but I needed all the help I could get in a complicated crazy life. This was so much more than I thought would happen. It was a bullseye for my financial emotions – straightening me out about money. I feel as if I have a new life!”

Barbara Falkenberg

Barbara Falkenberg

“A shift in consciousness...”

“A shift in consciousness in how I manage my money. Even with a finance degree and experience, what I learned is a lot more fun and abundant way of managing my finances.”

Leslie Gunterson

Leslie Gunterson