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Financial Freedom 101

July 19th - 21st, 2024

You love what you do and making a big difference in other people’s lives, so the traditional idea of “retirement” doesn’t quite resonate.

But quietly humming in the background, there’s this constant low grade anxiety about what will happen if you don’t want to keep working so hard… or can’t keep working so hard in the future.

You rock your business but don’t have that same confidence when it comes to investing. Maybe you’ve even read books or taken classes that have left you feeling more frustrated and confused.

Investing in the stock market seems risky. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money so you keep a bunch of it in cash.

When you look at the statements for your retirement account, a lot of it is gibberish. You don’t really understand how your money is invested or know how to tell if it’s growing the way it should.

You Want To Finally Understand Investing So You Know Your Financial Future is Secure, Even If You Stop Working

Imagine if your money was working so hard FOR you that your investments generated enough income to cover all of your expenses.

How would it feel to grow your business purely for the joy of it - without financial pressure?

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel more and spend more time with your family?

Get more massages and take more yoga classes?

The more financial freedom you have, the easier it becomes to make choices from a place of freedom and joy, instead of debt, obligation, and fear.

That's Why I Created Financial Freedom 101…


Financial Freedom 101 is an experiential event that gives you practical tools to get your money working FOR you (even when you’re not working). You’ll come away with more ease, peace, and freedom around finances.

In just one weekend, you'll receive the financial education that you never got in school or at home.

And because the event is so fun and interactive, you’ll be surprised at how happy and energized you’ll feel after geeking out about money for three days.

You'll have a profound shift in your thoughts, feelings and habits around money.

You’ll get relief from feeling anxious, overwhelmed, ashamed, or confused about your finances. Instead, you’ll feel empowered, clear, confident, expansive and even excited about managing your money.


“We now refer all of our clients to her..."

“My husband and I are fortunate to have had Penelope as a source of financial guidance and wisdom for over a decade now.  We’re busy running a multi-7-figure company and raising our two awesome boys so we don’t want an investment strategy that feels like another job.  Penelope is a smart cookie. And she has become a dear friend. She’s made a difference in our lives, which is why we now refer all of our clients to her to learn how to grow their money.

Sharla Jacobs


“I was really blown away...”

I was really blown away with what I got out of the event. Even having studied business and prosperity for 10 years, I was having multiple breakthroughs per day. Before working with Penelope, my relationship with investing was very cloudy and murky, like a necessary evil. And now I feel good about it. I understand it. I like it. And we saw that we could be financially free, which is so mind-blowing and wonderful!

Laura Cornell

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 4.22.01 PM

“Penelope is a master teacher...”

“Penelope is a master teacher… she makes the complicated topics of money and investing simple, fun, and easy to understand.  She always provides high-quality content and delivers on her promises.  If you’re fortunate enough to get the chance to attend one of Penelope’s events, drop everything you’re doing and GO!  You will love it!”

Vrinda Normand

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Learn:


Day 1: The Financial Freedom Formula

The number one reason that most people don’t get what they want is they don’t know what they want.  You’ll get clear on what financial freedom looks like for you specifically and the steps to make that vision a reality. 

You’ll Discover:

The Proven Path to Creating Abundant Passive income that Supports You Even When You’re Not Working

The 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Surprising Ways You May Be Unintentionally Pushing Money Away...without Even Realizing It

How to Model Cashflow Patterns of Wealthy People that Can Work for YOU, Starting Now

3 Things to Consider When Deciding if an Investment Is a Good Deal For You

Day Two

Day 2: The Entrepreneurial Wealth Blueprint

Most business owners are leaking cash flow and sabotaging their profits by not having the right money systems in place.  You’ll learn how to design your business so it supports your desired lifestyle and serves as a vehicle for creating wealth as well as:

The #1 Money Myth that Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves that Causes Them to Struggle Financially

How to Get Your Money Working for You (Give Your Money a Job!)

How to Leverage the Power of Your #1 Wealth Building Tool to Create Financial Ease, Peace & Freedom

The Secret to Investing with Confidence & Peace of Mind (No Matter What the Media Is Saying About the Market)

How to Get Triple the Return on Investment of the Average Investor (without Taking Time Away from Your Business and Life)

Day Three

Day 3: The Prosperity Mindset

You can have the best financial education and money systems in the world and still struggle if your “inner game” is off. You’ll cultivate a way of thinking and living that has money flowing easily and abundantly in your life… without guilt, shame or fear.

You’ll Learn:

An Easy Process for How to Stop Stressing Out about Money so You Can Focus on the Parts of Your Business and Life that You LOVE

How to Get More Unexpected Checks in the Mail (So Fun!)

Simple Strategies and Brain Hacks that Can Make Millions of Dollars of Difference Over Time

How to Tap Into the Flow of Money That’s All Around You

The Power of Asking for What You Want… And Getting It! (and Why It’s OK)

How to Enjoy Spending Money Consciously without Guilt or Fear

Penelope's Story

I’ve already lived your worst nightmare… so you don’t have to!

Starting with $10,000 of my own money, I acquired over $6,000,000 in real estate and was on track to retire by the time I was 31.

Then the market crashed. I lost my beautiful home to foreclosure, my real estate portfolio went belly up, and I had to declare bankruptcy. I was so anxious and depressed that I stopped answering my phone until my mom banged on my front door to make sure I was still alive. I broke down in tears because I wished I wasn’t.

Right around that time, I was invited to participate in a high-level mastermind group on a billionaire’s private island in the Caribbean.  It was a $50,000 investment, and even though I had less than $1,000 to my name at that point and no credit, I had a strong intuitive hit that I was supposed to be there.  

Amazingly, I made it!  And that was the beginning of turning everything around.  I even shaved my head while I was there as a ritual to let go of the past and rebirth myself into the next chapter of my life.

I Realized That...

...each person has their own personal economy that may or may not have anything to do with the economy at large. I was in the middle of losing everything while other people in the mastermind were having their best year in business ever.

So I figured that if I could support enough individual entrepreneurs in creating their own economy of abundance, eventually we’d hit a tipping point, and the economy at large would shift.

That’s when I became more passionate than ever about providing other women entrepreneurs with the financial education they never received in school.

I have the unique ability to be able to look at someone’s whole money picture, including stock market strategy, real estate, business, tax reduction, money systems, and their thoughts and behaviors around money so my clients got results.

As a happy side-effect, I was able to turn my company around and take my sales to double where they were before the crash.

Now, not only have I made millions of dollars doing what I love, but I’ve developed awesome systems for getting my money working for me.

And I can hardly wait to share them with you at this event!

What's different about

Financial Freedom 101?

There’s a Big Difference Between MAKING Money and GROWING Money.

Everyone is all about teaching you how to get more clients and make more money. And that’s great!

But no one is teaching you how to actually GROW your money and getting it working hard for you!

It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs, even at the 6 and 7 figure level, haven’t put the right systems in place to be able to save and invest for the future.

You’ve worked hard for your money. Isn’t it time for your money to return the favor and start working harder for you?

We Specialize in Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

The vast majority of financial products and services out there are designed by men for other men who work as employees.

As an entrepreneur, there’s no ceiling on your income, but your income typically goes up and down, making traditional financial advice super frustrating.

And as a woman, the typical Big Box financial advisor models weren’t designed for your longer life span or differences in your career path and financial goals… which means that you’ll end up with less money at retirement, but it has to last you longer.

You’ll Learn Through Experience

This is not a boring lecture where someone talks at you for three days!

We’ll invite you to participate in experiential games and processes because the more you can interact with the information and practice your new skills, the more quickly you can learn, integrate and get results.

And because the event is fun and interactive, you’ll leave feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take action.

We Don’t Sell Financial Products

We’re not financial planners and we don’t sell financial products so you’ll receive straightforward and unbiased financial education, coaching and guidance.

We break down the complicated world of money and investing and make it easy to understand, take action, and get results.

Here's What People Are Saying...


“I am financially free thanks to the actions I took after attending this workshop. WOW!

“This is my second time attending, and it’s amazing how much your teachings have been ingrained in me already! You offer usable information that has been easy to take action on. Thank you! The more I hear and learn from you, the more I grow, and that is SO valuable. I am financially free thanks to the actions I took after attending this workshop the first time. WOW! Now, I get to decide what to do next with the feeling of security, easy and excitement.”

Gina Macaluso

Leslie Gunterson

“A shift in consciousness...

“A shift in consciousness in how I manage my money. Even with a finance degree and experience, what I learned is a lot more fun and abundant way of managing my finances.”

Leslie Gunterson

Jenny Kassan

“Penelope is one of the best presenters I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from.”

I go to a lot of 3-day events and this is one of the very few that was consistently engaging and valuable. I learned a lot and my perspective was broadened immensely. Penelope is one of the best presenters I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from.”

Jenny Kassan

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 4.26.29 PM

“I already feel richer.”

“Penelope makes learning about cash flow easy and fun! Two words I would never have associated with money management before her event. Not only did I have a blast, I met some really amazing people. Penelope Jane Smith’s brilliant method left me feeling empowered to start a brand new relationship with my money. I already feel richer.”

Charlyn Villegas

Hetal Patel

“It was an eye-opening event.”

“This workshop was amazing! There is a lot of information covered and so many takeaways from the event. It was an eye-opening event for me to start paying attention to my finances. The environment is very gentle... it feels safe to be open, honest, and share! Penelope leads the workshop in a professional and grounded manner. It has been a transformational event for me.”

Hetal Patel


“I learned so much at this event...

“I learned so much at this event about how to earn, grow, and invest my money. For the first time, the path to financial freedom doesn’t feel like a distant hope but instead like a tangible goal for the near future.”

Caleb Arring

Barbara Falkenberg

“I feel as if I have a new life!

“I don’t regularly attend workshops, but I needed all the help I could get in a complicated crazy life. This was so much more than I thought would happen. It was a bullseye for my financial emotions – straightening me out about money. I feel as if I have a new life!”

Barbara Falkenberg

Kathy Culver Linkedin

“Amazing insights as well as valuable practical information.”

This weekend’s event was filled with lots of amazing insights as well as valuable practical information. Your ability to articulate your vast knowledge in such a digestible way is a true gift. I am walking away with a greater sense of grace, ease and possibility about my finances.”

Kathy Culver

Jennifer Sherwood

“I’m feeling inspired to track and grow my money!”

“As someone who is terrified of numbers and money, this event was fantastic. Penelope presented the topics in ways that were easy to understand and she created a space to face fears and beliefs. I’m feeling inspired to track and grow my money! Thank you.”

Jennifer Sherwood

Emily Levy

“I thought investing was for other people...”

“Before the event, I thought investing was for other people. Now I can see that it’s within reach to get my financial resources working for me. Plus, the event was fun and I met some wonderful humans there.”

Emily Levy

Quinntin Ruiz

“I wish I would have learned these skills before dropping $240,000 on a college education.”

“An authentic, genuine teacher. Honestly, one of the best I’ve seen. She brings a grounding energy to very important money topics. I wish I would have learned these skills before dropping $240,000 on a college education. Trainings like these should be as common as reading, writing, and math in every school.”

Quinntin Ruiz

Fabienne Slama

“This event allowed me to think bigger while feeling safer.

“Thank you for making this thing called money less scary and for allowing me to expand my vision beyond what I thought was possible. This event allowed me to think bigger while feeling safer.”

Fabienne Slama

Jim Otis

“This is what's missing.”

There are a million coaches teaching you how to earn more money. This is what’s missing. It teaches you how to manage it and make sure it’s growing.”

Jim Otis

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 4.27.33 PM

“Highly recommend to everyone, even if you think you know about finance.”

“This workshop was exactly what I was looking for! I’ve done other money courses, but what excited me the most was getting systems to put into place that work. Penelope was brilliant at putting things into a great perspective and really helped me shift my energy from feeling stressed about money to being excited about having an awesome relationship with money and providing tools to empowerment. Highly recommend to everyone, even if you think you know about finance. This is so much more, and I’m excited to use the investment tools.”

Liz Clark



July 19th - July 21st, 2024
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

10 am - 4 pm Pacific Time

Online through Zoom

Join us for

Financial Freedom 101

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You will love it!

In just one weekend, you’ll get the tools to create more ease, peace, and freedom around money right away.

I'm excited to support you in opening yourself more fully to the abundance that's waiting for you!

Love & Prosperity,

P.S. This is your chance to set your future self up for financial success, while also getting tools to help you make and grow more money immediately. Check out Financial Freedom 101.

Join Us for Financial Freedom 101!

About Penelope Jane Smith


Penelope Jane Smith is the premier financial freedom coach for women entrepreneurs and the go-to expert for some of the biggest names in the conscious business industry.

She is an acclaimed international speaker and certified trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience, and the author of The Little Book of Prosperity.

She has led live events with up to 200 attendees and shared the stage with other “movers and shakers” like Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, Loral Langemeier, and Ali Brown.

Through her signature programs, like Financial Freedom 101, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world to create more ease, peace and freedom around money.

Want to learn from Penelope first-hand in a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs? Join us for Financial Freedom 101!

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